Mosaic Portraits

Created from personal photographs.


Family, Friends, Pets, Icons. Special Requests Welcomed. 'Original Classic'.

The Process

All portraits begin with photographs provided by patron, rendered as an exact replica sketch, and then taken to another beautifully manicured level in mosaic form. Whether the likeness is of a beloved family member or friend or even those of endearing icons, Erin can capture it forever in a classic mosaic.

Depending on size of request and current workload, time of completion varies. However, special requests for time consideration can be accommodated. So please contact the artist as soon as possible and leave at least one month for normal completion time. A deposit of 50% of the final estimate must be paid upfront - non-refundable upon initiation of project.

About the artist:

Growing up in a small rural town outside Syracuse NY, Erin was inspired by her mother's creativity and by high school age discovered her own artistic side. She would go on to study the art of photography and eventually choose it as her major at SUNY Purchase College in Westchester, NY, where she graduated with a BFA. Not long after schooling, she was tutored by a friend in the craft of tiling; residential floors and backsplashes. This would lay the foundation for Erin's mosaic art work, combining her skills of capturing the essence of a subject in photography with the fine art of delicate tile-work.

It began slowly in the form of decorative mirrors, frames and glass candle holders, but moved by an intimate photograph of her husband, author, James Campion, often her subject in photography, she created her first piece. At that time mosaic tile was expensive and hard to come by, so she would spend hours hand cutting the tiles to the size needed.

Her first mosaic portrait was a success in that it completely captured her husband's facial features and truly replicated the mood and personality of the photograph. After her father unexpectedly passed away, she was immediately inspired to create another mosaic portrait based on his photo to honor him through her art.

Today Erin works to capture the personalities and lend tribute to dozens of subjects of each and every one of her subject, many of them displayed here. For over twenty years her mosaic art has decorated homes and provided gravitas and a lasting impression to her subjects. She hopes to continue to grow as an artist and to inspire others through her work.


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